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What if My Livermore Rental Property Has Lead-Based Paint? Property Management Education
What if My Livermore Rental Property Has Lead-Based Paint?

In Livermore property management, there are some dates that are more important than others. For example, 1978 is a big year. That’s important because if your home was constructed earlier than that, it is presumed to have lead-based paint. It was made illegal, so any houses built after 1978 are presumed not to have lead based paint. Lead is toxic, especially to young children. You can get lead poisoning not just from paint chips, but also from breathing in the dust when it oxidizes. It might get into your yard and garden as well. So it is potentially hazardous, and most landlords will make sure the house is well-painted so it’s sealed and not a problem.

Disclosures about Lead-Based Paint

You are required to disclose what you know about lead-based paint and provide a booklet that the EPA has free online at If you don’t, the damages can be three times the actual damage amount plus attorney fees and court costs. You’re not expected to know if there is lead-based paint, but if you do know that it’s there or that tests have been conducted, you do have to disclose that. The booklet is provided to your tenants and sellers also have to provide this to buyers.

Property Management Livermore: California Occupancy Standards

In California, a landlord is required to put their home in a condition fit for occupation and repair any dilapidations that render it untenable. So if you have a home that had lead-based paint and it is not sealed, and there are chips showing, you might find yourself running afoul of the civil code. That’s not a good thing to do. If you hire someone to take care of renovations in your house, if it’s occupied and more than six square feet are disturbed inside or 20 square feet outside, they must be certified to work with lead by the government. There’s a special class they take and precautions that are required. Otherwise, there are substantial financial penalties. Six square feet in an older home is not a lot; some of the baseboards are almost a foot high, so just taking off a baseboard can qualify as disturbing six square feet.  

This is just one of the factors that you need to consider as an investor or landlord. When you’re purchasing a home for rent, make sure you understand the lead situation.

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