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Rental Properties Repairs and Maintenance | What Alameda County Landlords and Owners Need to Know
Ken Bradley
Property Management Blog

There will be the miscellaneous repairs that happen at random times. The sewer plugs up, the garbage disposal goes out, or the hot water heater leaks. Those things are random, and you never know when they’ll occur. The older the property, the more likely these types of issues become.

Deferred Maintenance

There are some repairs that can be delayed a bit. This includes painting the outside of the house, or painting the inside and replacing worn or damaged carpets. Some of these repairs are things to take care of during a turnover. If money is tight or you don’t have professional property management in Livermore, you can put these things off. However, the longer you wait, the more costly the effect. People will not want to rent the house because it doesn’t look good. Cosmetic repairs, while important to keep up with, are not in the same category as water faucets that won’t shut off.

Modernizing and Updating

The third repair category is modernization. If you don’t keep your house up to date, it won’t rent at the same rate as houses that are up to date. For example, you need to consider that at some stage, you should replace your old single pane windows with double pane windows. This brings them up to standards that are more weather resistant and insulated. People do notice these details. Some kitchen cabinets and counters are completely worn out. This type of thing can be AVR housedelayed indefinitely, but there’s a real cost to not putting in modern touches. You won’t get as much rent because the house doesn’t show as well. And, if you decide to sell, you won’t get top dollar for the property.

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